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  1. But in 3 days I am back in the beginning, in the clock I have version and when I want Polish version I have to update. Just watch they want to update to version I have to wait for Polish update or better to upload English
  2. Thank you all my watch I managed to revive the Chinese Rom all works once again thank you
  3. And how do I install it in your watch can you write a detailed tutorial on how you installed it?
  4. O.k. I have watches on Fastboot and what to do
  5. Yes, only the amazfit logo is displayed. Please wait for the next step
  6. Fastboot does not appear on your watch
  7. Yes, I want to return to the original Chinese Rom. Help me how do I do it?
  8. Hi, I unlocked the bootloader on yes and installed the Polish Rom in version In the clock I had update in version And after the installation I can not run.Is it possible to return to the Chinese version? Or I have to wait for Rom version ? And try uploading again?
  9. Witam, odblokować bootloadera do zrobienia, a ja zainstalowany polski Rom w wersji w zegarku miałem aktualizację w wersji i nie później zrobić spustit.Je pozwolono powrócić do chińskiej wersji? Albo grać inny Rom
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