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  1. Im currently in contact with the seller. they asked me to make a video of the process, what the problem is. I sent the recording, now i have to wait 5 days so the sellers technician can ,,investigate'' it. If there will be no solution, hopefully i can still open a dispute :(. Yes, for to first few try the live feed was working on uk server, but suddenly it stopped working, and i saw only a blurred image. then switched it to china, it worked but it was terrible slow. After that back to eu, and since then this problem edit: i sent you a pm with the recording. if you can have look, wo
  2. Ping was fine and i could reach it via web browser too but the telnet and ssh connection was refused (checked it again, i was connected to the gateway wifi). The production date is 2020.04, i dont know what was the stock fw, but i was irresponsible and updated it when i paired it first time with the mi home app :(. A possibility of fw downgrade or update would be super, but i think there is no way to fix this problem
  3. I did the following: reset the gateway, and when it flashes orange, i connect to its wifi network with my laptop(chuangmi-gateway-ipc011_miap5462 ) open putty, choose telnet,, port:23, click open. Then i got fatal error, with connection refused. did is something wrong?
  4. chinese or global version? did you telnet it after gateway reset? i mean, when it blinking yellow? When the light on the gateway is blue, i cant see the chuangmi-gateway-ipc011_miap5462 wifi connection, only the chuangmi-hub-5462
  5. I used putty couple times, It depends what should i do in it . I tried to connect to chuangmi-hub-5462 / 12345678 with my phone, but the pw was incorrect
  6. I got an answer from IMILAB support, they told that is the chinese version blabla, i have to buy a global version... and there is no hard reset for the camera or gateway. im hopeless now
  7. The hub updated itsfel after i paiered it the first time with MI Home (MI Home from the Playstore), i think it was on UK region.
  8. you're right, the global version is the CMSXJ11AG, and i have the CMSXJ11A version. oh sh*t, that was my last hope... I tried it with a different android phone,different mi account, same situation.... ,,please make the wire-free gateway and camera close to the router, keep a good network environment'' and failed pairing.
  9. I found this on reddit, but this is for the CMSXJ16A not for the CMSXJ11A. For the 11A i found nothing Downgrading SW worked for me. Unzip this file into your computer: http://cdn.cnbj2.fds.api.mi-img.com/chuangmi-cdn/product/ipc016/firmware/IPC016_16.3.4.5_0081.zip 2) Copy the tf_recovery.img file into a microsd formated in fat32. 3) Switch off your cam, unplug it. 4) Introduce the microsd and plug it. 5) Wait for around 5 minutes. 6) Now you will be able to pair it again with Xiaomi Home app.
  10. thank you, i wrote to [email protected] and joined the fb group. maybe i will try this fw downgrade method, the problem is that i found fw only for the global version
  11. First time i set it to UK region, but the live feed was not working properly, then i changed it to China and worked too, but was very slow. Then i changed it to Germany, and since then i get every time this Orange text: Please make the wire-free gateway blabla, and Connection failed... (i never had this warning before) I tried again the UK and China Region but the same issue :(. So it stopped working afteri tried to connect to different region. The strange thing is, that i can add the hub without any Problems, only the pairing betweeen the camera and the hub not working (anymore). Maybe i bri
  12. Any idea what should i do? is there a hard reset for the camera or gateway? or should i maybe open dispute on aliexpress? It is strange, that it worked on friday and now its broken...
  13. I cant add the camera to the hub, the adding worked yesterday fine (with china and uk region) i tried 4 different wifi networks, nothing worked. The counter goes to 100% and i get this yellow info under the counter. The camera kepps flashing blue...
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